Poverty is REAL in Chatham-Kent

Did you know?

16,915 people in Chatham-Kent live on incomes below the Poverty Line. 

Sadly, 4,520 are children.

these number don't account for the "working poor", homeless, and individuals and families that are not in the social assistance systems...


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Mission Statement

To work together to support, develop and implement strategies to eliminate poverty in Chatham-Kent.

Vision Statement

No person in Chatham-Kent will live in poverty.


The Chatham-Kent Prosperity Roundtable provides leadership in the promotion and development of a healthy, vibrant and prosperous community through the creation of innovative opportunities and breaking down barriers intended to reduce poverty among residents of Chatham-Kent. 

The Prosperity Roundtable is made up of Chatham-Kent citizens, business, government, and nonprofit representatives collaborating to find innovative solutions to poverty and building an inclusive community for all members. The poverty reduction initiatives of the roundtable are carried out by aligning with existing organizations and incorporating poverty reduction strategies into everyday life and work.

Championing Poverty Reduction Strategies

Chatham-Kent Prosperity Roundtable collaborates with existing poverty reduction efforts while also developing new approaches.

Our objectives include:

  • Bringing public attention to the impacts of poverty by collecting, analyzing and disseminating information about those living in poverty in Chatham-Kent,

  • Collecting, analyzing and disseminating information about existing programs and services that contribute to poverty reduction,

  • Using evidence-based research and leading practices to inform the development of new strategies and policies to reduce poverty and bring about broader systemic change,

  • Coordinating and supporting the implementation of existing and new local poverty reduction strategies,

  • Strengthening local capacity to promote a healthy, prosperous community through innovations, collaborations, and partnerships,

  • Measuring the impact of local action and progress towards improved health and prosperity,

  • Sharing experiences, resources, information and lessons learned, and

  • Striving for win/win solutions for all partners involved.

Current Projects

The Chatham-Kent Prosperity Roundtable undertakes projects that will raise awareness and understanding of poverty and its effects, build capacity in the community to have an impact on poverty, and directly benefit those living with low incomes. Please click HERE to see our strategic plan and projects for 2018-2019.

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