Did you know?

17.6% of adults living in Chatham-Kent live on incomes below the Low Income Measure - after tax. Sadly, for children in Chatham-Kent, the statistic is a startling 28.6%.

We aim to change that. 

The purpose of the Chatham-Kent Prosperity Roundtable is to provide leadership in the promotion and development of a healthy community through the creation and implementation of a local prosperity plan intended to reduce poverty among residents of Chatham-Kent. 

The Prosperity Roundtable is made up of CK citizens, business, government and nonprofit representatives collaborating to find innovative solutions to poverty and building an inclusive community for all members. The poverty reduction initiatives of the roundtable are carried out by aligning with existing organizations and incorporating poverty reduction strategies into everyday life and work.

The Roundtable will pursue its goals by encouraging community engagement, leveraging local resources, promoting change at the local, policy and systems levels, executing work plans and ensuring accountability by measuring local outcomes.


  • Promoting creative thinking and innovative solutions that seek to transform community,
  • Continually pursue best practices that improve service administration and delivery,
  • Bringing public attention to the impacts of poverty by collecting, analyzing and disseminating information about those living in poverty,
  • Collecting, analyzing and disseminating information about existing programs and services that contribute to poverty reduction,
  • Using evidence based research and best practice to inform the development of new strategies and policies to reduce poverty and bring about broader system change,
  • Coordinating and supporting the implementation of local poverty reduction strategies (existing and new),
  • Strengthening local capacity to promote a healthy, prosperous community through teamwork, collaboration and partnerships,
  • Measuring the impact of local action and progress towards improved health and prosperity, and
  • Sharing experiences, resources, information and lessons learned,
  • Striving for win/win solutions for all partners involved.