The Voices of Lived Experience

A major part of our work is focused on empowering people with lived experience of poverty to advise, educate, build awareness, and change minds in our community. Through various initiatives, we are working alongside people with lived experience of poverty to build a community of powerful leaders and advocates who are making change in Chatham-Kent.

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Empowering You

we believe that people with lived experience of poverty know what needs to be done to end poverty in Chatham-Kent

That is why these programs are developed by and for people with lived experience of poverty


Current Initiatives

Community Advocacy network

The CK Community Advocacy Network is a group organized by and for people lived experience of poverty to build community, raise awareness, and advocate for change in Chatham-Kent. The group works hard to make sure that people living in poverty realize the power of their voice to advocate for change; feel like they belong, are worth it, and matter; and are empowered and have opportunities to be part of making change in our community. Together, we CAN make a difference.

1 voice is a whisper. 100 voices is a roar. 1000 voices is a tsunami.

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changing minds fellowship

Currently in development, the Changing Minds Fellowship looks to work closely with local decision makers to increase understandings of poverty and help find new ways to tackle poverty in Chatham-Kent.

More information coming soon


Building a Roar!

There are always new ways to empower, engage, and include people with lived experience in eliminating poverty in Chatham-Kent. What are your ideas?