Poverty Revealed

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Poverty Revealed is a comprehensive report that will go beyond the statistics to depict the story of poverty in Chatham-Kent. We want to speak with people who have lived experience with the challenges of poverty so that we can best understand to what living in poverty in Chatham-Kent is really like. Our goal is to work alongside the community to eliminate poverty. We must start by creating an open dialogue with people, listening to what people have to say, and looking for solutions to the challenges of poverty in Chatham-Kent. 


By the community, with the community.

This is not a fact-finding mission. We don't have an agenda. We want this report to be a community-driven collaborative. This means we are looking to partner and collaborate with community members who are passionate about bringing about change in our community.

Our hope is to see our community learn and grow together to better understand the daily challenges of poverty, how people are surviving, what needs to change now, and what needs to stay the same. Let's work together to end poverty.


We're listening.  

This report is not about the statistics. We are looking to step beyond the numbers to better understand what the daily struggles are like, and what needs to change for you to have a better life and thrive in Chatham-Kent.

This report is an act of reconciliation. Your stories and experiences are important, and need to be heard. Change needs to be made in Chatham-Kent, and your voice will help get us one step closer.