CK Poverty Action Plan

With the common goal of no person in Chatham-Kent living in poverty, The CK Poverty Action Plan is a roadmap for our community’s actions to end poverty and generate prosperity for all in Chatham-Kent.

The CK Poverty Action Plan:

  • Is built by our community for our community

  • Sparks innovation for new ways to act

  • Fosters new partnerships for impact

  • Coordinates and lays out action steps to achieve our community’s common goal

  • Tracks work, progress, and successes in ending poverty and achieving prosperity for all

With hundreds of caring people from all sectors, including people with lived experience of poverty, working together to eliminate poverty and generate prosperity, we believe it’s only a matter of time before we see no person living in poverty in Chatham-Kent.


“No person living in poverty in Chatham-Kent”

Our community’s common goal



We spent the past year engaging a growing number of people living in poverty in our community to understand what is happening now, what changes need to be made, and how we can better work together to achieve these changes.

We heard that our community has the resources, assets, and strengths to eliminate poverty. However, we also heard there are challenges and barriers that slow progress towards exiting the cycle of poverty, and there is little stopping people from starting out in or falling into poverty. We realized that it was time to create an action plan that could drive, organize, and sustain our community’s work to end poverty and generate prosperity in Chatham-Kent.

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Thinking Differently

For the CK Poverty Action Plan to be successful, we need to change up how we think about, and act to eliminate, poverty. This plan needs creative ideas, new partnerships, and innovative approaches to start moving the needle on poverty. Here are some ways we are thinking differently:

If we keep thinking the way we always think, we will just keep getting the same results
  1. Eliminating poverty needs to be paired with creating prosperity

    Eliminating poverty is focused on providing resources, while creating prosperity is focused on innovation and growth. We need both to achieve our community’s common goal.

  2. Eliminating vs. reducing poverty

    Time and time again we have heard that we need to focus on eliminating poverty, not just reducing it. It drives our work, helps us think outside the box, and inspires our community.

  3. Poverty is much more than just a lack of income

    Resources (such as an income, shelter, clothing, etc.) are critical for anyone to survive in our community. If we want people to thrive, however, we need to also focus on empowering people, safety and security, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging - poverty is complex, and our solutions need to be just as complex to tackle this challenge.

  4. Less poor, not better poor

    The CK Poverty Action Plan is focused on ending the cycle of poverty, not just helping people to survive it


Next Steps

Building the Plan together and acting together

The CK Poverty Action Plan, at its core, is about finding new ways to tackle poverty and generate prosperity in Chatham-Kent. To do that, we need to spend time building relationships of trust, learning from each other, and finding common ground for action.

We are spending 6 months travelling across Chatham-Kent to talk with our community about poverty. By coming together as a community, with so many different voices and experiences being heard, we know we can find new ways to end poverty and generate prosperity in Chatham-Kent.

The CK Poverty Action Plan is also an action plan. While we are building the plan together, action teams of community leaders from all sectors, including people with lived experience of poverty, are coming together to tackle some action items right away.

The plan will also outline action items everyone can play a role in, and show how these actions are connected to one another and our community’s common goal.


Working Groups

Listening team

The role of the Listening Team is to engage people in our community; build momentum for action; and gather our community’s thoughts, wisdoms, and ideas to make this plan a success.

action teams

With a 12-18 month mandate, the role of the Action Teams are to tackle different action items identified in the CK Poverty Action Plan that would reduce barriers to exiting the cycle of poverty and generate opportunities for prosperity.

Data team

The role of the Data Team is to research, analyze, and share data related to poverty in Chatham-Kent; track our progress towards our community’s common goal; and find new data to better understand poverty in Chatham-Kent.