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Our partners are invaluable to poverty reduction efforts, and reinforce the need for a collaborative approach to poverty reduction. 


The Prosperity Roundtable, in partnership with the Chatham-Kent Healthy Communities Partnership, hosts the Community Partners Networking Group.

The Community Partners Networking Group's main focus is networking in order to build awareness of work occurring in Chatham-Kent that supports poverty reduction and the development of a healthy community.

This partnership was formed in order to provide leadership in the promotion and development of a prosperous and healthy community and support community networking to boost poverty reduction efforts in Chatham-Kent. 


The Prosperity Roundtable is in partnership with the Thames Art Gallery, Chatham-Kent Public Library, and Employment and Social Services to host the breaking barriers art show.

The Breaking Barriers Art Show is an annual event that provides an opportunity for individuals with lived experience of poverty to creatively respond to the daily barriers faced in Chatham-Kent. The Art Show is meant to create awareness of the depth and complexity of poverty in Chatham-Kent, while also inspiring hope that one day the barriers faced will not longer be present. 

If you're interested in learning more about this event, please contact for more information.


The Prosperity Roundtable is in partnership with the municipality of chatham-kent to complete a comprehensive poverty assessment report.

The Poverty Assessment Report is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the depth and complexity of poverty in Chatham-Kent through the voices of individuals with lived experience. More than just statistics, the Poverty Assessment Report is meant to tell the story of poverty in Chatham-Kent and illuminate opportunities for concrete solutions to the daily barriers of poverty.

If you're interested in speaking to what poverty looks like in Chatham-Kent, please contact for more information.