The Prosperity Roundtable is made up of four community action teams. These teams are comprised of a chair who sits on the Collaborative Leadership Team and members of connected organizations.

If you are interested in sitting on any of our action teams, please reach out to the committee chair.

We know that health inequalities exist. These inequalities affect all Canadians but they have especially strong impacts upon the health of those living in poverty.

Living with the stress of inadequate housing, and a lack of access to general health, mental health and respite care puts undue financial stress on the health care system. The downstream cost of ignoring the Social Determinants of Health is significant and likely unbearable number.

Goals of the Action Team: Collaborating to build healthy family units, awareness about affordable housing. 

Chair: Stephanie Watkinson, Captain, The Salvation Army Chatham-Kent Ministries

There is a substantial body of evidence on the value of social capitol - sharing a meal, volunteering, having access to low-cost/no-cost recreation activities for our children builds community for those most in need.

Access to affordable transportation and jobs that pay a living wage ensure that those living on the margins have the ability to participate fully in community. When citizens are afforded that dignity they in turn spend that money in town.

Goals of the Action Team: Living wage, access to affordable transportation and community information.

Chair: Ryan Griffioen, Representative, CLAC

Improving education outcomes for all ages contributes to the well-being of communities, and families; and economic development, and productivity in workplaces.

Children living in poverty are less likely to graduate high school and attend post-secondary education. This enables the cycle of poverty and ensures the next generations reality.

Goal of the Action Team: Promoting live-long learning, post secondary and apprenticeship enrollment increased.

Chair: Cecily Coppola, Executive Director, Restorative Justice Chatham-Kent

Access to healthy, fresh and nutritious food is a fundamental human right. For those living in poverty, and the working poor the ever increasing cost of this basic need has serious implications for those living in food insecure household. 

Increasing food security is helping those in need build resilience and protect against the risks of low success in school and the labour market. 

Goal of the Action Team: Everyone has dignified access to sufficient, affordable, culturally appropriate food. 

Chair: Lyndsay Davidson, Health Educator, Public Health Unit

The Prosperity Roundtable, in partnership with the Chatham-Kent Healthy Communities Partnership hosts the Community Partners Networking Group.

The Community Partners Networking Group's main focus is networking in order to build awareness of work occurring in Chatham-Kent that supports poverty reduction and the development of a healthy community.

This partnership was formed in order to provide leadership in the promotion and development of a prosperous and healthy community and support community networking. 

If you're interested in attending these meeting, hosted three times yearly, please contact for more information.