Operation Backpacks

At the end of August, as our community prepares our kids to return to school, many families struggle to find the extra dollars needed to fill those backpacks. And every year our United Way works to ensure every child returns to school on track for success. 

You're curious about what supplies are needed? Here's a list!

I was lucky enough to chat with the committed project coordinator of Operation Backpacks and Mary informed me that the supplies that are the hardest to come by are:

  • Graph paper
  • Scientific calculators
  • Math sets
  • Backpacks
  • Markers

Think you can help? Donations can dropped off by August 24th at any United Way office location in Chatham, Tilbury or Wallaceburg. Curious to find out more? Call 519-354-0430 for more information. 


Supply List for Operation BackPacks 2016


1” Binders

Lined Paper (pkgs)

Dividers (5/10 tab)

Graph Paper (pkgs)

Duotangs (red, green, yellow, blue, orange)

Glue Sticks



Pencil Crayons



Math Sets

Eraser (white/pink)

Sharpeners (with shaving trap)

Pens (blue & black)

Ruler (12”)


Calculators (scientific)