Chatham-Kent Housing and Homelessness Plan

Check out our communities 2015 Housing and Homelessness Progress Report.

The Homelessness Steering Committees vision that "every person has an affordable, suitable and adequate home to provide the foundation to secure employment, raise a family, and build communities," is an important touch-point for our community and on we should all rally behind. 

Community partners do this by supporting the "Housing First" philosophy. At it's core "Housing First" says that a safe, affordable and appropriate home is the first step in ensuring that people are taken care of; then community supports can be wrapped around an individual so that they can stay housed - and able to raise a family, beat an addiction, work on upgrading their skills, get to their job on time.

Some highlights from this years progress report are:

  • Throughout Chatham-Kent, 1618 households were assisted through the shelter solutions team, supporting those households in their desire to maintain or retain housing. The dollar investment was $794,490.
  • $577,300 was invested through the Ontario Renovates program to help 34 families stay in their homes and create three units with accessibility improvements. 
  • 40 low-income households were assisted with rent payments towards an affordable and sustainable home.
  • 30 Short-Term Housing Allowances were issued, that enabled families to maintain and stabilize affordable housing during a temporary crisis period.
  • 28 community agencies received funding totaling $861,377 through the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative to promote the development an maintenance of housing security programs and services.

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