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As a multi-sector collaborative approach, the Prosperity Roundtable's community action takes many forms, including activities aimed at changing attitudes, institutions and policies and at bringing much needed resources to the Chatham-Kent community. The following links highlight the Roundtable's work at raising public awareness and engagement of the community.

News Articles


Employees Feel Valued and Have Less Stress (November 4 2016)

What Poverty Means in CK (October 26 2016)

17% of Local Residents Live Below the Poverty Line (October 21 2016)

Chatham's "Living Wage" is $15.86/hour (October 21 2016)

Local Employers Jump on Living Wage Movement (October 19 2016)

Prosperity Roundtable Recognizes Businesses for Living Wage Support (October 18 2016)

Poverty Awareness Week Starts Monday (October 14 2016)

Prosperity Roundtable to Update Community (October 14 2016)

Changing Minds About Poverty (October 11 2016)

Getting Ready To Bring Warmth To Chatham-Kent (September 11 2016)

Event Will Mark Positivity Day (September 2 2016)

Breaking Barriers Tackles Issues (April 29 2016)

Battling Poverty Through Art (March 24 2016)

Step Up Or Be Left Behind (February 25 2016)


It's Poverty Awareness Week (October 16 2015) 

Helping the Public Learn About the Realities of Poverty (October 13 2015)

Windsor’s Downtown Mission Kicks Off National Anti-Poverty Campaign (September 1 2015)

Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop Already Drawing Large Crowd (May 19 2015)

Exhibit Breaks Down Barriers with Creative Expression (March 25 2015)

Exhibit Aims to Empower People and Raise Awareness (March 20 2015)

Breaking Barriers Through Art Returns for a Third Year (March 5 2015)


Discussions on Poverty Promoted (December 10 2014)

TEN: Darrin Canniff (March 31 2014)

Breaking Barriers Through Art (March 19 2014)


More Than a Quarter of C-K Children In Poverty (December 21 2013)


Prosperity Roundtable Says Investment is Needed (November 26 2012)

Important to Create Discussion About Poverty (October 14 2012)


Prosperity Roundtable Midterm Report 2016