Our purpose

The Chatham-Kent Prosperity Roundtable provides leadership in the promotion and development of a healthy community through the creation of innovative opportunities and breaking down barriers intended to reduce poverty among residents of Chatham-Kent. 

The Prosperity Roundtable is made up of Chatham-Kent citizens, business, government, and nonprofit representatives collaborating to find innovative solutions to poverty and building an inclusive community for all members. The poverty reduction initiatives of the roundtable are carried out by aligning with existing organizations and incorporating poverty reduction strategies into everyday life and work.


Our Community Impact


tell a story of poverty. make people listen. be heard.

The Breaking Barriers Art Show is an annual event put on by the Prosperity Roundtable, the Thames Art Gallery, Employment and Social Services, and various other partners in the community. This year, we are taking a different approach to the show. We are focusing on the story of poverty in Chatham-Kent. The art classes will be a welcoming and comfortable environment for all to come and use any form of art to express the daily barriers faced while living in poverty. Art classes will be held between July and August. The show will run from September 21st to November 18th.


Have your voice heard. advocate for change.

The Lived Experience Advisory Group (LEAG) is focused on bringing a lived experience voice to the work being done to reduce the challenges of poverty in our community. The group’s work includes bringing awareness to the challenges of poverty; advocating for poverty reduction efforts; and engaging in projects to reduce the daily impacts of poverty on our community. Together, the group strives to have a strong voice, to build bridges, increase knowledge, form new relationships, and inform on policy to eliminate poverty in Chatham-Kent.

We're looking for new members!

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your voice and experience matters. speak it proud. We're listening.

Poverty Revealed is a comprehensive report that will go beyond the statistics to depict the story of poverty in Chatham-Kent. We want to speak with people who have lived experience with the challenges of poverty so that we can best understand to what living in poverty in Chatham-Kent is really like. Our goal is to work alongside the community to eliminate poverty. We must start by creating an open dialogue with people, listening to what people have to say, and looking for solutions to the challenges of poverty in Chatham-Kent. 

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Family Service Kent
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Phillip Mock
Project Coordinator

519-354-6221 ext. 222

Email: prosperityroundtable@familyservicekent.com

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