What is a Living Wage?

A Living Wage is the amount of money a family or an individual needs to cover basic expenses such as food, clothing, shelter and transportation. It's a wage that allows community members to live an inclusive lifestyle - one where they are able to access the types of things that make for a decent life - the ability to put their kids in recreational activities, to participate in the community, to be healthy and active citizens.

A living wage allows families the ability to live a life of dignity, 

The income that a living wage provides is modest and does not cover additional expenses such as: 

  • Debt repayment from credit cards, loans or other interest payments
  • Future savings for home ownership, retirement or children's post-secondary education
  • Anything beyond minimal recreation, entertainment and holiday costs
  • Costs of caring for a disabled, seriously ill or elderly family member.

Local employers who are early supporters of a Living Wage for Chatham-Kent are:

If you are interested in learning how the community committee walked through the process of developing a living wage for this region Click here for the report on that initial consultation.

If you are interested in learning more or Want to register As a living wage employer please contact Kate do Forno at prosperity@uwock.ca or call 519-354-0430.