Lived Experience Advisory Group


educate our community. ADVOCATE FOR CHANGE. Take action.

The Lived Experience Advisory Group (LEAG) is focused on bringing a lived experience voice to the work being done to reduce the challenges of poverty in our community. The group’s work includes bringing awareness to the challenges of poverty; advocating for poverty reduction efforts; and engaging in projects to reduce the daily impacts of poverty on our community. Together, the group strives to have a strong voice, to build bridges, increase knowledge, form new relationships, and inform on policy to eliminate poverty in Chatham-Kent.

Making a difference

The group has worked closely with Chatham-Kent Employment and Social Services, Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit, and the Canada Learning Bond Committee to advise on specific changes to programs and systems that would make access and system navigation easier and more effective


Community Voices

Your voice matters. Share your ideas. End poverty together.

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