What will your impact be?

We all have the power to make an impact. Be part of a growing movement to eliminate poverty and generate prosperity in Chatham-Kent. Let’s make an impact together!


Access tools to be a strong community champion and empower people struggling in your neighbourhood to thrive

Give the gift of an education by registering your child, niece/nephew, or grandchild for the Canada Learning Bond

Add your signature, voice, or time to advocacy campaigns related to poverty elimination and prosperity creation

Don’t see any opportunities that inspire you? Share your ideas with us, and let’s see how we can work together to make an impact

Inspire others in our community to raise awareness and make an impact, one small act at a time

Find information on Chatham-Kent’s Living Wage, and how to become a Living Wage Employer


“We are a small community, but together we can make BIG CHANGES”

- Community Member


Be A Community Champion


project belong

Currently in development, Project Belong looks to support people with lived experience of poverty in becoming community champions across Chatham-Kent. Project Belong provide the tools, resources, and information to build community; create a sense of belonging; and support other people with lived experience in accessing and navigating services and resources.

Project Belong has emerged as a top action item for the CK Poverty Action Plan

More information coming soon


Be an Advocate

advocacy campaigns

The Prosperity Roundtable undertakes multiple advocacy campaigns to change government policies and legislation. We regularly write letters to all levels of government, speak to government representatives, and speak at council meetings. A simple way to be involved in poverty elimination is to support advocacy campaigns by signing your name, adding a statement of support, or speaking at meetings!


Add your signature, voice, and time to advocacy campaigns focused on eliminating poverty in CK

Advocacy Campaigns will be updated regularly at the link below - coming soon!


Raise Awareness

CK together

Overcoming poverty starts with you. You can help eliminate poverty in Chatham-Kent and have a big impact on people’s lives, one small act at a time.

Currently in development, CK Together is an initiative built for and by our community to find meaningful ways to get involved in eliminating barriers to exiting poverty, such as running a community garden, reading to children, and carpooling with coworkers. Every little bit counts.


More Information coming soon


Support a Living Wage


Become a living wage employer

A Living Wage is the hourly wage a worker needs to earn to cover their basic expenses and still participate in their community. The Living Wage is calculated using local data based on the cost of living across various indicators. Currently, the Living Wage in Chatham-Kent is $16.33.

Join the growing list of employers, such as AgMedica Bioscience Inc., and become a Living Wage employer today.

The CK Prosperity Roundtable is the local Ontario Living Wage Network partner.

Register to become a Living Wage employer with the Ontario Living Wage Network


Save for Education


Canada Learning bond

The Canada Learning Bond is up to $2000 that the government of Canada deposits directly into a child’s Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) account to help get a head start on saving for your child’s education. Register today!

Learn more about the Canada Learning Bond, and register today!


Create Your Impact

We all have great ideas for great impact

We’re challenging our community to identify new ways to be involved in eliminating poverty in Chatham-Kent. We have listed some great ways to get involved, but we know there are many more ways to make an impact. Share your ideas with us, and let’s see how we can work together!


share your ideas and let’s work together to make an impact