Sparking Collective Work in Chatham-Kent

the community partners network

is a Incubation group To SHare information, spark innovation, and Drive collecive Work in chatham-kent


GaThering for a purpose

We believe our community has various opportunities to gather, share, and learn

We know it’s time to gather, innovate, and collaborate

The Community Partners Network hosts bi-monthly meetings to provide an opportunity to share information, spark innovative ideas, generate new collaborations in Chatham-Kent

the Network

The Network is currently comprised of 68 member organizations from across the governmental, educational, not-for-profit, and community group sectors, with representation from various levels of staff - senior management to frontline workers - ensuring a diverse perspective is considered

The Network

  • Fosters connections between organizations and various levels of organizations to support collective work in Chatham-Kent

  • Uses specific set of tools to spark innovative and creative thinking to generate out-of-the-box solutions

  • Through facilitation methods, supports and drives collective work in Chatham-Kent

The Network is currently being redeveloped, more information will be available soon

If you are interested in being a member of completing the redevelopment survey, please fill out the forms below