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Our Mission

empowering our entire community to end poverty and Achieve prosperity for all in chatham-kent

Our Vision

Prosperity is a reality for all in Chatham-kent


"Yes, we want to get out of poverty. We want off the [social assistance] system. We are capable of being self-sufficient, don’t think otherwise. To get there we need a hand up, not a hand out. Encourage us. Support us. Work with us. Empower us. That is how we can truly thrive, not just survive.”

— Sharon Oulds, Community Advocate


Our Work

The CK Prosperity Roundtable provides tools, information, and opportunities for our entire community to be involved in, and successful at, ending poverty and achieving prosperity for all in a Chatham-Kent. Our work includes:

  • Bringing public attention to the causes and impacts of poverty,

  • Sharing information about existing programs and services that contribute to poverty reduction,

  • Using leading practices to develop new strategies and policies to eliminate poverty,

  • Coordinating and supporting the implementation of existing and new local poverty reduction strategies and plans,

  • Strengthening local capacity, broker innovative partnerships, and advocate for policy change, and

  • Supporting and creating opportunities for people with lived experience of poverty to be involved in poverty-elimination work,

  • Measuring the impact of local action and progress towards improved health and prosperity

Our Values

nothing about us without us

We believe that the meaningful involvement of people with lived experience of poverty is paramount to effectively eliminating poverty in Chatham-Kent

Collective responsibility

We believe that poverty affects everyone and everyone is vulnerable to experiencing poverty; therefore, all people and sectors are responsible for ending poverty in Chatham-Kent

Thriving, not surviving

We believe that everyone deserves to realize their dreams; grow and develop; and prosper in our community

Less poor, not better poor

We believe our work should focus on ending the cycle of poverty, not just helping people to survive it

Our Philosophy 

Ending poverty requires access to and coordination of resources, ensuring basic needs are met and There are opportunities to exit the cycle.

Achieving prosperity, on the other hand, requires thinking outside the box and transforming how we act, ensuring people feel financially secure and resilient in an ever-changing economy.

We believe both approaches are necessary to end the cycle of poverty in Chatham-Kent, while making sure no one ever falls into poverty again.


Our Leadership and Partners


Our Leadership

The Prosperity Roundtable’s Collaborative Leadership Committee is a collective of Chatham-Kent citizens, business, government, and nonprofit representatives.

Current Leadership Members

Steve Pratt | Chief Executive Officer, United Way of Chatham-Kent
Tracy Callaghan | Executive Director, Adult Language and Learning
Darrin Canniff | Mayor, Municipality of Chatham-Kent
Polly Smith | Director, Employment and Social Services
Brad Davis | Executive Director, Family Service Kent
Walter Van De Kleut | Executive Director, Chatham-Kent Legal Clinic
Sherri Saunders | Executive Director, Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres
Teresa Bendo | Director, Chatham-Kent Public Health
Karen Loney | Coordinator, Chatham-Kent Community Leaders’ Cabinet (non-voting)

Our Partners

Our Partners work diligently to achieve a common goal in our community: no person in Chatham-Kent living in poverty. By joining, organizations will have access to partnerships, training opportunities for staff, and a growing network focused on creating a healthy and prosperous Chatham-Kent. If you're interested in becoming a member, please register us.