Our Mission:


We provide tools, information, and opportunities for our entire community to be involved in, and successful at, ending poverty and achieving prosperity for all in Chatham-Kent.


Poverty by the Numbers

Poverty in Chatham-Kent is real. 1 in 6 people, and 1 in 5 children, live in poverty in Chatham-Kent. To fix this, we need to first understand what poverty looks like in Chatham-Kent by the numbers.

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CK Poverty Action Plan

We know that while Chatham-Kent has the assets, resources, and strengths to eliminate poverty, people are still facing barriers and challenges exiting the cycle of poverty.

With the common goal of no person in Chatham-Kent living in poverty, The CK Poverty Action Plan is a roadmap for our community’s actions to end poverty and generate prosperity for all in Chatham-Kent.


Lived Experience Voices

People with lived experience of poverty are using their knowledge, experiences, and wisdoms to make incredible changes in our community - local leaders and decision makers are starting to listen and, most importantly, act to end poverty in Chatham-Kent

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Make an Impact

We all have the power to make an impact. Be part of a growing movement to eliminate poverty and generate prosperity in Chatham-Kent. Let’s make an impact together!