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The Chatham-Kent Prosperity Roundtable provides leadership in the promotion and development of a healthy, vibrant and prosperous community through the creation of innovative opportunities and breaking down barriers intended to reduce poverty among residents of Chatham-Kent. 

The Prosperity Roundtable is made up of Chatham-Kent citizens, business, government, and nonprofit representatives collaborating to find innovative solutions to poverty and building an inclusive community for all members. The poverty reduction initiatives of the roundtable are carried out by aligning with existing organizations and incorporating poverty reduction strategies into everyday life and work.


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Poverty Revealed is a comprehensive community-based report that will partners with lived experience researchers to go beyond the statistics to depict the story of poverty in Chatham-Kent. The report will strive to create a space for the voices of those with lived experience with the challenges of poverty to be heard by our community. The report will outline the unique challenges of poverty in our community, and provide recommendations for future actions by all sectors to create a healthy and vibrant Chatham-Kent.

The report will start in January 2019

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Family Service Kent
50 Adelaide St. S.
Chatham, ON
N7M 6K7

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M-F 9:00 - 5:00

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Phillip Mock
Project Coordinator

519-354-6221 ext. 222

Email: prosperityroundtable@familyservicekent.com


The Prosperity Roundtable is always seeking volunteers who are interested in promoting poverty issues throughout Chatham-Kent. The Roundtable needs volunteers that are interested in journalism, blogging, photography, videography, event planning and research to help bring awareness to poverty issues local to our communities.