The Chatham-Kent Prosperity Roundtable is unlocking Chatham-kent’s potential by

engaging and mobilizing our community to find solutions

sparking innovation & Collaboration

Facilitating and Strengthening collective action for change


 built by the community

We believe that people are the experts of their own community

we believe that everyone has something to add in building a greater community

we know success is only possible when the community directs the action

That’s why we’re spending 2019 travelling around Chatham-Kent to connect, listen, and report back

You’re the experts - we need your help to define the next steps of poverty reduction in Chatham-Kent

Be part of building the plan that will make Chatham-Kent greater than it already is

our work begins with our community

Every project is focused on bringing our community together to make change

Only together can we make Chatham-Kent greater than it already is


The Community Plan brings our community together to develop and implement innovative projects to sustainably reduce poverty in Chatham-Kent


The Community Advocacy Network is a group organized by and for people living with the challenges of poverty to connect, heal, and advocate for change


The Community Partners Network is an social incubation group to share information, spark innovation, and drive collective work in Chatham-Kent

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CK Together brings caring community members together to develop new and meaningful volunteer opportunities for poverty reduction in Chatham-Kent


The Canada Learning Bond is a grant of up to $2000 from the Federal Government of Canada to help children attend post-secondary education

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Advocacy Campaigns lists active advocacy projects related to poverty reduction in our community to open opportunities for all voices to be heard in Chatham-Kent

Let's Connect

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Family Service Kent
50 Adelaide St. S.
Chatham, ON
N7M 6K7

Hours of Operation:
M-F 9:00 - 5:00

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Phillip Mock
Project Coordinator

519-354-6221 ext. 222



The Prosperity Roundtable is always seeking volunteers who are interested in promoting poverty issues throughout Chatham-Kent. The Roundtable needs volunteers that are interested in journalism, blogging, photography, videography, event planning and research to help bring awareness to poverty issues local to our communities.